Analyze Blocks using Find My Blocks in WordPress

Whether managing a handful or a hundred content pages, there comes a time when we analyze the content. It is helpful to know what blocks are used either through the core or through additional plugins, where they are located, and how many of them are on the site.

Find My Blocks makes compiling all block types and their locations simple. Everything is displayed in one window and can be filtered and sorted.

Want to learn more about the block editor? Check out Getting Started with Gutenberg (Block Editor) in WordPress

Getting Started

To get started, download and install Find My Blocks.

Begin by navigating to Plugins on the dashboard and click Add New. From here, there are two options for installation.

Option 1: Search for Find My Blocks. Click Install Now and Activate.

Find My Blocks - project

Option 2: Go to the plugin page, download the zip file, and upload into the designated section under Upload Plugin.

**Check if the plugins were successfully installed and activated under Installed Plugins.

View Blocks

Navigate to Tools from the sidebar and select Find My Blocks to view blocks using this plugin.

This will redirect to the following page.

Filter Blocks

On the left-hand side, simply type in a keyword of a block and the plugin will only display matches.

View Core

By default, core blocks are not displayed – core blocks are those directly from WordPress. (If the Gutenberg editor is used for the site, these will also be included in core blocks).  

Toggle on “Show core blocks” from the Settings menu located on the right-hand side.

Once on, the core blocks will display on the left-hand side. It will display the type of block used as well as the locations it can be found in.

View Draft

There is an additional option to view blocks that are in draft locations. Toggle on “Include drafts in query” from the Advanced Settings section of the Settings menu on the right-hand side.

*Remember to click Save Settings and refresh the page to include drafted blocks in the results.

Sorting the Nav and Cards

Also located under the Settings menu are two options: Sort navigation and Sort cards. Sort navigation applies to the type of block located on the left.

Sorting can be done alphabetically (a-z) and (z-a) and by popularity.

Sort cards applies to the selected block results located in the middle of the page.

The sorting can be done alphabetically (a-z) and (z-a), by most popular, reusable first, and nested first.


The Find My Blocks plugin was built as the name states, to help find block types and their locations. The plugin has several useful features: Filtering- search by keyword/name; Sorting- can also help determine whether blocks are reusable and nested; view core blocks; and include blocks on drafted content. Managing and analyzing your site’s content blocks can now be done from one window.

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