Control Page Titles with Title Override in Drupal 7

The Title Override module allows you to change page titles on nodes and generic pages. The module is really useful if you need to change a page title within the administration section of Drupal.

By using Title Override, you can manage simple page title changes in a single interface and avoid having glue code all over the place. That being said this module is great at handling static changes to a title. However, if you need to modify a specific content type title with a custom token then look at the Page Title module.

In this article, I’ll show you how to change page titles and individual node titles. I will use the stable 7.x-1.1 version for this article. The 7.x-2.x version does not have a stable release yet but looks promising because it’ll have Token support.

Getting Started

This module is very easy to setup, just download and install the Title Override module.

How To Modify Titles

First, I’ll show you how to change the “Add content” link on the admin/content page to “Create content”.

Fig 1.0

1. Go to Configuration -> “Title Override” (admin/config).

Fig 1.1

2. Enter in system|node/add|Create content into the “Title Override” text area and click on “Save and clear caches”.

The format to change a generic page should be system, then a path and then the title.

If you need to change the title on the Modules page, then add system|admin/modules|My Modules.

Fig 1.2

3. If you click on the Content button in the toolbar you should see the link “Create content”.

Fig 1.3

Now, we’ll change the title of a node. Go ahead and create a test node.

4. Go back to the Title Override configuration page and enter in node|1|My Custom Title into the “Title Override” text area on the next line.

Fig 1.4

Now, if you go to node/1 the page title should be “My Custom Title”.

Fig 1.5

The module stores whatever is entered into the “Title Override” field in a variable called title_overrides. If you’re using Features to manage site configuration then just export the variable using Strongarm.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “Control Page Titles with Title Override in Drupal 7”

    1. This seems to be using drupal_set_title() which affects the visible page title to the user. This isn’t necessarily for the HTML tag that the browser sees, but fairly often it’s value is derived from drupal_get_title(). So really these are two different things.

      1. I didn’t look closely enough at what was actually being changed.

        All the same…folks should look at metatag more 🙂

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