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Has a client ever asked if you could reorder or change the name of a tab. Instead of displaying the view, edit and revisions tabs, the client wants to move “revisions” before “edit” and rename “view” to “current”. This can all be archived by writing a custom module and implementing hook_menu_alter, but there is a module that allows site builders to rename, reorder, disable and hide tabs. It’s called Tab Tamer.

Installation is simple, just download Tab Tamer and install it on a Drupal site. Once installed, go to admin/config/system/tabtamer to configure tabs.

If you click on the “NODE/%” field-set you’ll be able to rename, reorder, disable and hide tabs which only appear on the /node/ pages. After you have configured the tabs make sure you flush the site cache.

Here is what the standard tabs look like:

Now here is what it looks like after I clear the site cache:

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  1. Sorry for asking a ‘dumb’ question after reading the above and watching your YouTube Video on Tab Tamer. But could you please explain how to create in Drupal 7 a Tab in the first place (which Drupal module(s) used etc.) ? Thanks a lot for your reply !

  2. Hello again. Can TabTamer Module be used for ‘changing’ / ‘controlling’ Tabs created with Tab Drupal 7 QuickTabs module ? Thanks again for your reply!

    1. I have never used tab tamer with quicktabs module. But can’t you control the “Quick tabs” tabs with its own module?

  3. Hello Ivan,

    I have similar problem:

    Running Drupal 8 and Webform 8.x-5.0-rc1+75-dev (2018-Jan-29)

    I have a problem showing View and Results after clicking on my webform survey.
    On top of my form I can see two tabs. This is a problem because I can see all the records from other submissions.
    I want to eliminate these tabs

    This is the problem:
    Image 1 shows tabs “View” and “Results (Also, I can see all the results or records by clicking on the Result tab).

    I want to eliminate these tabs.

    This is correct but for some reason, after giving the right permission, it interferes with the webform permission (see image 1).
    The second image shows my own webforms submissions result(s). It has access to duplicate/edit/delete my own webforms submissions.

    The third image shows a css class “Active”
    Any suggestions,

    Thank you for your help,


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