Free Drupal 8/9/10 Courses


Getting Started with Views in Drupal

1h 30m | 24 Lessons

Learn how to create and manage views in Drupal.


Managing Blocks in Drupal

1h 2m | 9 Lessons

Learn how to create and manage blocks in Drupal.


Managing Fields and Content Types in Drupal

2h 47m | 29 Lessons

Learn how to define custom content models using content types and fields.


Using Webform in Drupal 8

1h 12m | 13 Lessons

Learn how to create powerful forms.


Drupal CLI: Drupal Console and Drush

40m | 12 Lessons

Learn how to interact with Drupal using command line tools.


Media Management in Drupal 8

54m | 15 Lessons

Learn how to manage media assets in Drupal 8.


Using Bootstrap in Drupal 8

40m | 7 Lessons

Learn how to use the Bootstrap 3 framework in Drupal.


Build Edge-to-edge Sites using Paragraphs in Drupal 8

1h | 22 Lessons

Learn how to build flexible Drupal sites that editors will love to use.


Drupal 8 Site Building

4h 23m | 48 Lessons

Learn how to build powerful and flexible websites using Drupal 8.

Free Drupal 7 Courses


Location and Mapping in Drupal 7

31m | 7 Lessons

Add location and mapping functionality to any Drupal 7 site


Enhanced Field Widgets in Drupal 7

19m | 5 Lessons

Discover useful field widgets which’ll help you manage content in Drupal 7


Build Powerful Search Pages with Views and Search API in Drupal 7

18m | 4 Lessons

Learn how to create powerful search pages using the core Search module and Search API


Integrate Twitter and Drupal Using the Twitter Module in Drupal 7

1h 13m | 16 Lessons

Learn how to post and display tweets directly from Drupal 7.


Drupal 7 Site Building

2h 40m | 41 Lessons

Learn and discover popular Drupal 7 modules.