Create a Simple Chart Using Views and Visualization API

Visualization API allows you to create amazing looking charts and graphs in Drupal 7. The module is intended to be an API for Drupal, and right now has support for “Google Visualization API” and Highcharts (which is free for non-commercial use).

Also, custom charting libraries can be added via a Ctools plugin. The module also ships with a display plugin for Views, this means you can build “simple” charts using just Views.

Even though, the module is still in alpha, it works pretty well. If you need any more convincing, the Commerce Reporting module uses this module for its charts and graphs.

In this video, we’ll create a chart using Views and the Google Visualization API. Google Visualization API is the easiest to get started with as there are no 3rd party libraries we have to download or install.

Currently Visualization API only supports line, column, pie and map chart types for Google Visualization API.


drush dl visualization ctools views


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