Exercise (Users, Roles and Permissions)

In this video, we discuss what needs to be implemented in this training module’s exercise.

1. Download and install Override Node Options View Unpublished

composer require drupal/view_unpublished drupal/override_node_options

2. Create Contributor Role

With the following permissions:

  • Listing: Create new content
  • Listing: Delete own content
  • Listing: Edit own content
  • View own unpublished content
  • Override Listing published option (Override Node Options)

3. Create Editor Role

With the following permissions:

  • Basic page, Blog and Listing
    • Create new content
    • Delete any content
    • Edit any content
  • Use the Full HTML text format
  • Revert all revisions
  • View all revisions
  • Access the Content overview page
  • Create and edit URL aliases
  • View any unpublished content

Next set of permissions…

  • Use the toolbar
  • View the administration theme
  • Administer menus and menu items
  • Use the administration pages and help
  • Access the taxonomy vocabulary overview page
  • Administer vocabularies and terms

Next set of permissions using Override Node Options module:

  • Enter revision log entries for all node types
  • Override all authored by option
  • Override all authored on option
  • Override all promote to front page options
  • Override all published options
  • Override all revision option
  • Override all sticky options

4. Customize Registration Page

composer require drupal/multiple_registration
  • Path: /register
  • Contributor role assigned when registered
  • Anyone can register
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