Add Block into Region

Learn how to add a block into a region.

We’ll cover the following:

  • How to place a block into a region
  • How to demonstrate block regions
  • Change block configuration


Trainer (00:00):
Save the view. And let’s add the block into a region. Go to structure, block layout, and scroll down to the sidebar first region. If you want to visually see where these regions are, just scroll up to the top and click on demonstrate block regions. And here can see where the block regions are using the actual theme. Click on exit to go back. And let’s go down to sidebar first, then click on place block. Search for latest articles. And here is the block from the view. You can see that it’s categorised under lists, views. Click on place block. And from this pop up, you can configure the block. The items per block setting is what I was talking about in the allow settings section. Using the dropdown, we can dynamically change how many items will be displayed in the view. If you leave it set to default settings, it’ll use what’s being configured in the view. Click on save block, scroll down and then click on save blocks. Go to the front end and we should see the block in the column on the left.

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