Block Settings on View

Learn about the “Block settings” option in a View.

We’ll cover the following:

  • How to change the block title
  • Add blocks into a category
  • Configure the allowed settings
  • Configure the access to the block


Trainer (00:00):
Let’s go back to Block. From the Block settings section, you can add a block name. Just enter the name right here. If no block name is added, it’ll use the display title. From the block category, you can categorise your blocks. This is useful if you have a lot of blocks. Then from Allow settings, you can specify which view settings can be changed on the block configuration page. There is only one option, which is items per page. The name of the setting is a little confusing because it says items per page when we are dealing with a block. What this allows us to do is change the items to display, which is here from the block configuration page. This is useful for when you want to display the same block in multiple regions. But in one region, you only want to display three articles, and in another, you want to display five articles. Instead of creating two separate block displays, you can dynamically set the items to display value at the block placement level. Then from Access, you can control who can see the block.

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