Create a Block using Views

Learn how to create a block using Views.


Trainer (00:00):
We have covered how to create a page using the Views module and we created the latest articles view with a page display. And you can access the page by going to /latest-articles and you can see the path in the page settings. Now I want to show you how to create a block using Views. So what we’ll do is create a block to display the same latest articles content in this view. To create a block in views, we can do it in two ways. First, we can go to Structure, Views, and click on Add view. And we can create a brand new view. And then check, create a block down in the block settings. But we are then duplicating the latest articles view, which we already have.

Trainer (00:49):
Instead, we’ll do it another way, which is to create a block display in an existing view. Let’s go back to latest articles. So go to Structure, Views, and let’s edit the latest articles view. Click on Add next to Page, and then Block. The same queried content will be rendered in the page as well as the block. The only real difference between the two displays other than being a block and a page is that on the block you’ll see the block settings section, and on the page you’ll see page settings.

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