Empty Results Message

Learn how to add a message when no results are returned.


Trainer (00:00):
If we search for a title that doesn’t exist … So let me enter in test, test. Nothing is returned. But more importantly, nothing is telling the user that no articles have been found. Let’s now add in a bit of text, which will be shown if no results are returned. So edit the view and then click on add, next to no results behaviour. And these are all of the items that can be added if no results are returned. But if you scroll down, you should see text area, select it, and then click on apply, and then enter in your message into the content area. So I’ll enter in no articles returned, but you can add in any type of message that you want. And then once you’ve added it in, then click on apply, and then scroll down and click on save. And now if we scroll down, we can see articles, but then if we search for, again, test, test, click on find. Now, instead of just a blank return, we get a message which says no articles returned.

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