Page Settings on View

Learn about the page settings on a view.

We’ll cover the following:

  • Path setting
  • Menu setting
  • Access setting


Trainer (00:00):
Scroll to the top till you see page settings. And if you click on the path, from here you can change the path to the view. Let’s leave it set to latest articles. And if you click on no menu, you can add in a default menu item for the view. And if you click on permission in the access section, here you can configure the access control to the view, by default permission is selected. And that means that the view published content permission will be required to access this view. If we click on permission again, we can configure this view to only be accessible for specific roles, and you can also remove any access control on the view. But I do recommend that you at least set a permission or configure a role to access the view.

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