How to Store Locations Using Geolocation Field in Drupal

The common approach these days for storing geolocation data is to use a combination of Address Field, Geofield, geoPHP and Geocoder. Another way, is to use the good old Location module.

But, today I want to show you how to use the Geolocation Field module

The module implements a field that allows you to store longitude and latitude coordinates. But where the module really shines is with its field widgets and formatters.

It ships with two sub-modules called: “Geolocation Google Maps” and “Geolocation HTML5”.

The “Geolocation Google Maps” sub-module comes with a pretty cool widget that allows a user to select a location using an address or by clicking on a map. You can select a location by entering in an address and if the location is not right, then just click on the map and fix it up.

The “Geolocation HTML5” sub-module allows you to define your location using HTML5’s geolocation API.


drush dl geolocation

drush en geolocation geolocation_googlemaps

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