Media Management in Drupal 8

⏱54m | ?15 Lessons
Learn how to manage media assets in Drupal 8.

An important piece in any Drupal site is the ability to manage media assets. Drupal 7’s capability wasn’t the greatest, but things are getting better in Drupal 8.

In the early versions of Drupal 8 (8.3 and below), Media Entity module is what was required when you needed media handling functionality. A lot of this functionality is slowly moving into Drupal core (starting from 8.4), which is great because eventually, it means you won’t have to install a bunch of modules and spend time configuring them.

However, if you’re using Drupal 8.5/8.6 there’s still a lot of site building required and this is where this course can help.

In this course you’ll learn the following:

  1. Learn what’s new in Drupal 8
  2. Learn about the Media module
  3. Create a custom media type
  4. How to use the Media field
  5. Learn how to embed assets using Entity Embed
  6. Learn how to use Entity Browser
  7. Learn how to use DropzoneJS with Entity Browser

We’ll use the following modules:


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