Create Draft Revisions using Yoast Duplicate Post in WordPress

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Content creators may want to repurpose old content or simply update it. A great solution is to use the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin. It allows for the duplication of posts and pages.

A user can create a draft revision of an existing page or post and later republish this content when they are done modifying. Republishing overrides the previous post. Another way to repurpose content is to edit previous content and publish it as new posts.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin.

Getting Started

To get started, download and install Yoast Duplicate Post.

Begin by navigating to Plugins on the dashboard and click Add New. From here, there are two options for installation.

Yoast Duplicate Post plugin

Option 1: Search for Yoast Duplicate Post. Click Install Now and Activate.

Option 2: Go to the plugin page, download the zip file, and upload into the designated section under Upload Plugin.

*Check if the plugin was successfully installed and activated under Installed Plugins.

Create Draft Revision

Yoast Duplicate Post - New draft

*This example will follow how to duplicate posts; however, the same can be followed for duplicating pages.

When you want to create a draft revision of an existing post, navigate to Posts. Hovering over your chosen post will bring up several editing options. Click on New Draft. This will create a new post with a new ID and permalink since the New Draft functionality treats the new draft as separate content.

If you would like to continue making changes at a later date, save the changes. Your draft revision can be identified under Posts with the label “Draft”. When you are finished making changes to your new draft, publish it. The content will be published as a separate post.

Rewrite & Republish Revision

When you want to create a new draft revision to later override a previous post, navigate to Posts and hover over the chosen post to bring up the editing options. Click on Rewrite & Republish.

*To differentiate between a New Draft and a Rewrite, you will notice Draft, Rewrite & Republish of [post]. This will allow authors to keep track of what is treated as separate content and what will be overridden content.

Once you are ready to publish the draft revision, click on Republish. There is a possibility to save and compare changes that allow viewing content for both posts before final republication.

*The left displays old content. The highlighted deeper red indicates deleted content.

*The right displays the new content for republishing. The additional green lines beginning with “+” indicate added content between sections.

Once published, there will be a message across the top of your post: Your original post has been replaced with the rewritten post. The old ID and permalink for the content will remain the same since the original was overridden.

Plugin Settings

Although the settings come with preset recommendations, there are a few options you can modify.

To change settings, navigate to Settings> Duplicate Post.

Yoast Duplicate Post options page

Under the What to copy tab, you can easily add a Title prefix and suffix to keep track of modified content.

Under the Permissions tab, you can change what roles are allowed to copy content.

Yoast Duplicate Post - permissions

Under the Display tab, you can change what links to show. If you would like to keep both New Draft and Rewrite & Republish functionalities, keep them checked. Otherwise, uncheck the functionality you want to be removed.


The Yoast Duplicate Post plugin is beneficial for those hoping to reuse, modify, and republish content. The main functionalities allow a draft revision to be created and published as new content or override the previous content. Whatever the content creator’s needs may be, the plugin allows for simple modification of old content.

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