Download and Install Drupal Starshot

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Drupal Starshot is a new packaged and pre-configured version of Drupal that was announced at DrupalCon Portland. It is not a separate fork or rewrite of Drupal.

Drupal Starshot takes advantage of the new Recipes feature introduced in Drupal versions 10.3 and 11.

Recipes allow installing Drupal with a complete, ready-to-use website, going beyond the standard installation profile.

More details about the Drupal Starshot initiative are available on its official page.

Starshot Prototype

A prototype has already been released on GitHub. You can install and test this early version using just PHP and Composer with just a single command.

What is Drupal Starshot

Drupal Starshot is an initiative that aims to create a new default version of Drupal with an enhanced out-of-the-box user experience.

It combines Drupal core with refined features from the contributed project ecosystem, leveraging recent initiatives like Recipes, Project Browser, and Automatic Updates.

Starshot enables site builders, even those without prior Drupal experience, to easily create and extend a new Drupal site using pre-packaged recipes through their web browser.

It focuses on getting people from installation to launch quickly, bringing new users and contributors into the Drupal community. The first version of Starshot is aimed to be released before the end of 2024.

Installing Drupal Starshot using Composer

1. Requirement: Make sure you have PHP and Composer installed locally.

2. Run the following Composer command:

composer create-project drupal/starshot-project --repository='{"type":"vcs","url":""}' --stability=dev

If you have trouble running the above Composer command, you can get the latest version from the Drupal Starshot prototype repository.

3. Composer will download Drupal and its dependencies, install Drupal using the new Recipes system, and store the content in SQLite.

Composer Installation.

4. Once installed, it’ll automatically open your default browser and log you into the site using

Drupal development server started: <>

This server is not meant for production use.

One time login url: <>

Why has the Port Changed?

The port will adjust depending on availability. Sometimes it’ll be 8888, 8889, 8891.

Always take note of the exact URL and port when starting the server.

If you need the admin user and password, scroll up, and you’ll find the username and password under “Congratulations…”

Congratulations, you installed Drupal!
Username: admin
Password: D-QA…

How to Change Username and Password

You can change the admin username and password by running the following command,

./vendor/bin/drush upwd admin password567

Drupal Starshot comes with Drush already installed.

Go into your Drupal Starshot folder and run the command.

Installed Drupal Site

5. To stop the server press Ctrl + C and to start it again, run: composer drupal:run-server.


When you run the Composer command, Drupal will be installed using the new Recipes system instead of the Standard installation profile.

All the configurations are stored in YAML files in the recipes folder.

Screen of Yaml file

Learn more about the new Recipes initiative.

What is Recipes

Recipes are a new feature in Drupal that allow site builders to install predefined sets of functionality. They provide a way to assemble Drupal modules and configurations for specific needs, such as building a blog, news, or e-commerce site.

Recipes are declarative, defined using YAML files, and can be combined to create Recipe Kits, addressing limitations of previous solutions like install profiles and distributions.

Composer Scripts

Composer comes with a bunch of scripts to manage the site setup.

Open composer.json and look in the scripts area to see all of them.

These scripts will change, make sure you take a look at the latest from the GitHub repository.

Two important scripts:

composer drupal:run-server

Starts the web server and logs you into the site.

composer drupal:rebuild

This script will reinstall the site. This is useful when you want to change the recipes YAML files and see the changes implemented.


The Drupal Starshot initiative aims to simplify the creation of new Drupal websites using the new Recipes feature. Although still a prototype, it shows promise in reducing the time and effort needed to set up a functional site.

As it progresses, a user-friendly interface on for quickly spinning up various Drupal sites would be beneficial.

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  1. Is it a distro? Should it be a feature?? Yeah nah mate, it’s a recipe. “Recipes are a new feature”

    Starshot it’s like a Boeing, the door eventually falls off..

    1. It’s a simpler way to package websites without being locked into a distro or installation profile, that’s it.

      Your homepage won’t “fall off”.

  2. Hi Ivan,

    I always enjoy your content. Very informative, as always.

    I was wondering, aside from the included modules, does Starshot offer advantages over DDEV?

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