Drupal 8 Site Building Bootcamp

Learn how to create Drupal sites which are easy to maintain.

Join our seven-week Site Building Bootcamp where you’ll learn the skills to build powerful and maintainable Drupal 8 websites.

If you get stuck and need help, you’ll have one-on-one access over email and a private forum with our lead trainer Ivan Zugec.

The Bootcamp starts on 8th (US/UK time) and 9th (AUS time) of April 2019.

UDPATE: After feedback from users we're making changes to the bootcamp. Enrollments are closed for now.

Bootcamp Details

After some useful feedback from users, we're changing the bootcamp.

About Ivan Zugec

Ivan is the founder of WebWash and spends most of his time consulting and writing about Drupal. He's been working with Drupal for 10 years and has successfully completed several large Drupal projects in Australia.

Drupal is a double-edged sword

It gives you a lot of flexibility but it’s hard to learn.

Drupal is a powerful CMS and can be used to create all sorts of websites. What makes it unique is how it’s built and customized.

When building websites using other CMSes, if you need some specific functionality, let’s say a business directory portal, you’ll often find a plugin which implements the functionality end-to-end.

But if you want to modify something often these plugins, in other CMSes, they are difficult to customize.

Drupal does things differently.

Instead of offering a packaged business directory you’ll build the functionality yourself piece by piece. Similar to how you build something using Lego blocks.

Building the functionality yourself is favorable because you get exactly what you want; nothing more, nothing less. It means you can implement custom business requirements much easier.

Now here’s the double-edge I was mentioning.

Building things from scratch mean you have to understand the fundamental parts of Drupal. You’ll need to know how content is stored, rendered and displayed in lists or blocks.

If you don’t have this basic understanding you’ll hit a roadblock very quickly.

In the web industry, Drupal is known for its crazy learning curve. But once you get over the hurdle and have a clearer understanding of Drupal a whole world of possibility opens up.

You need to have a fundamental understanding of Drupal

Not having a proper understanding of Drupal’s fundamental system can really hurt a project.

Let’s say a client wants to use Drupal and at the beginning of the project you provide a proposal and estimate. If you’re not experienced with Drupal and try to estimate, then your final estimate could be way off, which could hurt you financially.

If you’ve inherited a site which was built by inexperienced site builders then maintaining it will be difficult because the functionality wasn’t built to Drupal’s best practices.

Bottom line, it’ll cost you time and money.

Learn how to build Drupal sites using best practices

This bootcamp will give you a solid understanding of Drupal’s key systems.

By the end, you would’ve built a fully functional site and you’ll have the knowledge to customize till your heart's content.

The skills you learn here will help you estimate and write proposals for any Drupal project because you understand the key systems.

About the Bootcamp

Site Tour

Is this Bootcamp right for You?

Just started using Drupal but feel overwhelmed?

Want to learn how to customize and extend Drupal the right way?

Looking to expand your Drupal knowledge?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Bootcamp Entry Requirements

There are only a few requirements to attend this class:

Be able to set up a local version of Drupal

Basic PHP coding skills

The desire to learn Drupal

That’s all you need!

How this Class Will be Delivered

This class will be delivered by two live lectures each week over seven weeks. Some prerecorded videos will be supplied as additional material, however, most of the class will be delivered via webinars.

During the week, the first lecture will be on a Monday (US/UK time) and second on a Wednesday (US/UK time). The lecture part will go for around an hour with questions at the end.

If you can’t make them don’t worry. They’ll all be recorded and made available in a private class on WebWash where you’ll have lifetime access to all recorded lectures and any other materials.

The bootcamp will focus on building an actual business directory portal. Each lecture will focus on an actual feature of the site.

Why a Lecture?

We’ve chosen to deliver this course through lectures because of engagement and flexibility.

Lectures are more engaging than a recorded video. You get to ask questions if something doesn’t make sense.

We Won’t Waste Your Time

This isn’t your average video course.

Most of the courses/video training out there offer hours upon hours of recorded videos which is okay if you have the time.

But let’s face it, who here has the time to sit through hours of video, not me. And if you have a question will you be able to ask and get an answer quickly, probably not.

There’ll be two one to two hour-long lectures per week; that’s a total of around three and a half hours per week. There could be additional material for you to watch but that’ll be optional.

You’ll have lifetime access to all the recorded lectures if you’re unable to make them.

My goal is to teach you Drupal in the least amount of time.

Optional Homework

Online classes or courses are often treated like a gym membership. They are purchased with the best intention but are often forgot once life takes over.

So to keep yourself accountable. You’ll get some homework at the end of each lecture. The homework will focus on building an actual business directory in Drupal 8.

But remember this is all optional.

Get One-on-one Support

If you get stuck at any point during the lecture, while working on the homework or just have a Drupal question. You’ll be able to ask privately over email or in the private forum.

Benefits of Joining the Bootcamp

Learn how to build an actual website by following our webinars

Get one-on-one support over email and the chatroom when you get stuck

Get lifetime access to all recorded lectures

You’ll only need to devote 2/3 hours per week for seven weeks

Lecture Schedule

There will be 2 live lectures per week.

  • First of the week: Monday (US/UK time) and Tuesday (AUS time).
  • Second of the week: Wednesday (US/UK time) and Thursday (AUS time).

Please note: The date and time of any lecture could change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Bootcamp Curriculum

Week 1

Lecture 1: Entity types, Fields and Taxonomy

You'll learn about the following:

  • Drupal's entity system
  • Field system
  • Taxonomy system
  • Learn how to create content types and attach fields

Lecture 2: Customize the Entity Display

You'll learn the following:

  • Display modes (form modes and view modes)
  • How to customize the "Manage display" page
  • How to use the Display Suite module
  • How to use the Layout builder module
  • How to use the Field Group module

Week 2

Lecture 3: Theming and Templating

You'll learn about the following:

  • Introduction to Drupal's templating system
  • Introduction to Twig
  • How to override templates
  • How to sub-theme

Lecture 4: Blocks and Menus

You'll learn the following:

  • Introduction to the Block system
  • How to create and manage menus
  • How to create a custom block type
  • How to add blocks to regions

Week 3

Lecture 5: Views

You'll learn about the following:

  • Introduction to the Views module
  • How to create a page view
  • How to create a block view

Lecture 6: Search

You'll learn the following:

  • Introduction to the core Search module
  • Introduction to Search API
  • Add facets using Facets module

Week 4

Lecture 7: Media Management

You'll learn about the following:

  • How to store assets using the Media module
  • How to embed using Entity Embed
  • How to browse using Entity Browser
  • Crop images using Crop API and Image Widget Crop

Lecture 8: Users, Roles and Permissions

You'll learn the following:

  • Introduction to roles and permissions
  • How to create a custom role
  • How to create a registration form

Week 5

Lecture 9: Paragraphs

You'll learn about the following:

  • Introduction to the Paragraphs module
  • How to create custom paragraph types

Lecture 10: Webform

You'll learn the following:

  • Introduction to the Webform module
  • Create "Contact us" form

Week 6

Lecture 11: SEO Focused Modules

You'll learn about the following:

  • Metatag module
  • Redirect module
  • How to bulk import redirects into Drupal
  • Pathauto module

Lecture 12: Content Editor Focused Modules

You'll learn the following:

  • How to customize the editor
  • How to use Content Moderation module

Week 7

Lecture 13: Configuration Management

You'll learn about the following:

  • Introduction to the configuration management system

Lecture 14: Module Development

You'll learn the following:

  • How to create a custom module
  • How to debug issues
  • How to use Drush/Drupal Console


Pricing has been removed. Please join the waiting list if you're interested in the bootcamp.

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