Full-text Search in Database using PhpStorm

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PhpStorm, an IntelliJ-based IDE, allows developers to perform full-text searches in databases. This feature is handy for debugging and investigating the source of specific markup, especially when it’s not easily found in the theme or module files.

Full-text search is particularly useful when working with content management systems like Drupal, which heavily relies on caching. Developers can search through cache tables to identify the markup associated with specific cache tags, gaining a better understanding of the relationship between them.

To use this feature, developers first need to connect their IDE to the database. PhpStorm provides a simple process for configuring the database connection, allowing direct access from within the IDE.

Once connected, developers can perform full-text searches across database tables, quickly locating specific strings, markup, or cache tags. 


1. Expand Database on the right-hand side

2. Right-click on a database, select Tools -> Full-Text Search.

3. Add your keyword and click on Search.

4. See which tables have the searched keyword at the bottom.

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