How to Compare Files and Sync Changes using PhpStorm

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PhpStorm, a popular PHP IDE, has a useful feature that allows developers to compare and sync files within the IDE. This feature is handy when working on projects with multiple files or collaborating with others. It helps identify differences between files, merge changes, and maintain consistency across projects.

I’ve found this feature particularly helpful when syncing theme changes in Drupal sites. Drupal often requires theme file modifications to customize a website’s appearance and functionality. PhpStorm’s compare and sync tools make managing these changes easy and ensuring they are accurately applied across multiple files or environments.


1. Select the folders you want to compare.

2. Right-click on the selected folders, then click on “Compare Directories”.

3. Review changes and set the copy from left to right by right-clicking on the row.

4. Click on the play buttons to sync the selected row or all.

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