Install Windows 11 on Apple Silicon (M1/M2) with VMware Fusion 13.5 + Play Minecraft

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Do you wish to run Windows on your Apple Silicon Mac (M1/M2)?

With VMware Fusion Player 13, you can install Windows 11 for free.

This guide will take you through each step of installing Windows 11 on a Mac.

The highlight of VMware Fusion’s version 13 is its Direct X 11 support. This feature makes it possible to play games like Minecraft.

Here’s what this guide will help you to do:

  • Get and set up the VMware Fusion player.
  • Create and adjust a virtual machine.
  • Download the Windows 11 ISO file.
  • Install Windows 11 Pro.
  • Install the Minecraft Bedrock edition.

Let’s get started with this simple and easy-to-understand guide.

Download and Install VMware Fusion Player for Mac

Go to VMware and download the VMware Fusion Player for Mac.

Register for a free account which will give you access to a personal license.

Log in and download the player.

Once downloaded go ahead and install VMware Fusion player.

Download Windows 11 ISO File

Open VMware Fusion and go to File, New.

Or, click on the VMware Fusion menu icon and click on “Create New Virtual Machine”.

Click on “Get Windows from Microsoft”.

Click on Continue.

Select Professional from “Windows Edition” and click Download Windows.

This will download an ISO file, which is a couple of gigabytes. Make sure you have a decent internet connection.

Once the download is complete, you should see a path to the file and click on Continue.

Configure VMware Fusion Virtual Machine

Select UEFI as the boot firmware and click on Continue.

Set a password for encryption. This can be a custom password or use the “Auto Generate Password” button.

Once a password has been added, click on Continue.

Select “Create a new virtual disk” from “Choose a virtual disk option” and click Continue.

Confirm the virtual machine summary and click on Finish.

Select a location and save your virtual machine.

Windows Setup

When you see the following screen, quickly click on it to start the setup process.

Configure the language, time/currency or keyword and click on Next.

Click “Install now”.

Enter a product key to activate Windows; however, one is not required. Click on “I don’t have a product key” if you do not have one.

Select “Windows 11 Pro” from “Operating system” and click Next.

Accept the license agreement and click on Next.

Click on “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)”.

Select the disk on which you want to install Windows 11 and click Next.

Wait for Windows to install, and then it’ll automatically restart.

Windows 11 Configuration

Once Windows is installed, it’s time to configure Windows 11.

Select your region and click on Yes.

Select your keyboard layout and click on Yes.

Enter a device name (or skip) and click on Next.

Choose “Set up for personal use” and click on Next.

Click on sign in and log in with your Microsoft account.

Once logged in you can restore from backups or click on “More options” then “Set up as a new PC”.

Then, set up a login PIN.

Review the privacy settings and click on Accept.

On the next few screens, simply click on “Skip”, “Skip for now”, “Not now” or “Decline”.

Then, your virtual machine should start configuring things. As it says, do not turn off your PC.

Then, you should be redirected to a working Windows 11 desktop.

Install VMware Tools

At this point, you have a working Windows 11 virtual machine. We must install the VMware tools to give us extra drivers and better graphics performance.

If you want to run games such as Minecraft, then make sure you install VMware tools for DirectX 11 support.

Click “Virtual Machine” and “Install VMware Tools” while the virtual machine runs.

Then click on Install. This will mount a CD-ROM to install the package.

Click “Run setup.exe” from the pop-up, or go to Windows Explorer, click on the drive, then setup.exe.

Click Next on the installer.

Choose Custom, then click Next.

Click on Next, then Install on the next screen.

Click on Finish and restart your virtual machine.

With VMware tools installed, you can display the desktop at higher resolution.

Go to System > Display in Windows 11 to adjust.

Virtual Machine Settings

You can change the settings of your virtual machine by going to “Virtual Machine” -> Settings.

You can change all sorts of settings such as the processors, memory, display and much more.

If you change the settings, shut down the virtual machine first and not just suspend the machine by clicking on the pause button.

Instead, click “Virtual Machine” then “Shut Down” or Restart.

You now should have a fully working virtual machine with Windows 11 Pro.

Install Minecraft (Bedrock edition)

To install Minecraft start by installing the “Microsoft Store”.

Click on Start and click on the “Microsoft Store”.

Wait for the store to be installed.

Search for Minecraft, select the edition you have purchased, and then click Install.

NOTE: Make sure you’ve purchased Minecraft with the Microsoft account you’re logged in with.

Once installed click on Play.

Now, you should be able to play Minecraft.


As you can see running Windows 11 on a Mac is easy thanks to VMware Fusion, and if you’re using it for personal use it’s free. Nothing tastes as good as free.

There are a number of steps involved in configuring and installing everything. But you could have a working Windows 11 virtual machine with Minecraft installed in about an hour… depending on how fast your internet connection is.

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