Live #1 – Practice Session: Media in Drupal 8

Welcome to the first and hopefully many more live streams. In this video, I’ll practice a presentation which I gave remotely to the Drupal Sydney User Group.

I start the presentation by talking about media handling in Drupal 7 and then what’s new in Drupal 8. Then I demonstrate how to create media management functionality by using Entity EmbedEntity Browser and Video Embed Field.

If you prefer text, then you can read our tutorial on “Managing Media Assets using Core Media in Drupal 8“.


  • Start (8:53)
  • Media Management in Drupal 7 (11:56)
  • What’s new in Drupal 8 (15:41)
  • Install Media module (33:28)
  • Create media asset (35:03)
  • Create new media type (36:05)
  • Install Entity embed (42:08)
  • Create entity embed button (42:59)
  • Configure text format for entity embed (44:49)
  • Test entity embed button (48:44)
  • Install entity browser (51:45)
  • Create entity browser (56:05)
  • Configure entity browser and entity embed to work together (57:55)
  • Create view to display assets in entity browser (59:17)
  • Ending (1:08:10)



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