New Navigation Sidebar (Experimental) in Drupal 10.3

Drupal 10.3 introduces a new experimental navigation module, offering a modern alternative to the traditional toolbar.

Key features of the new navigation bar:

  • Located on the left side of the screen.
  • Automatically expands menus on hover.
  • Allows users to drill down through configuration pages.
  • Replaces the top toolbar on the home page.

To try it out:

  1. Ensure Drupal 10.3 is installed.
  2. Go to “Extend” and search for “navigation”.
  3. Install the “Navigation” module (not “Navigation top bar”).

The new navigation bar provides a fresh, modern look for Drupal sites. However, as an experimental module, it may contain bugs or undergo changes in future updates.

Those interested in exploring this new feature can install the navigation module and experience the updated interface firsthand.

What new Drupal 10.3 feature are you looking forward to?

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