Switch Users using the User Switching Plugin in WordPress

The User Switching plugin allows users to instantly switch between accounts to maximize time efficiency.

When introducing new features, one may wish to test these features across different user accounts since they have different roles and permissions. The site owner or admin would manually log in to another user account and then have to login again as an admin to make changes.

Getting Started

To get started, download and install User Switching.

Begin by navigating to Plugins on the dashboard and click Add New. From here, there are two options for installation.                                     

Option 1: Search for User Switching. Click Install Now and Activate.

Option 2: Go to the plugin page, download the zip file, and upload into the designated section under Upload Plugin

*Check if the plugin was successfully installed and activated under Installed Plugins.

How to Switch Users

Start by navigating to Users in the sidebar. Once you are in the Users Menu, you will see a list of all your users. To switch to a user, hover over the user and click on the Switch To option.

You will be redirected to the Dashboard where you will receive a confirmation of a user switch.

You have the opportunity to switch back to your admin account by clicking on the link on the dashboard screen.

You can also switch back by clicking on the profile link in the top right corner.

How to “Switch Off”

While logged in with the admin account, there will be a Switch Off link in the profile. Hover over your profile in the top right corner of the screen to view the Switch Off option. This means that you are no longer logged in and are viewing the site as an anonymous user.

Switching off will also redirect you to the front end of your site. On the bottom left hand corner of your site, you will see the option to Switch back to Admin. Clicking on this will log you back into the admin site without having to enter the credentials.

NOTE: Some themes won’t display the link to switch back. If this happens, go to /wp-login.php and you should see the “Switch back to…”

How to “Switch” Back to Admin

To recap on the Switch Back to Admin option, there are a few places you can see it.

  • From the Dashboard: there will be a link back to the admin account.
  • From the Site’s Footer: on the bottom left corner of your site, there will be a link. (depending on theme)
  • From the Profile: hover and click on Switch back.


The User Switching plugin provides creators with a way to switch between user accounts on a WordPress site. The ability to sign into your site under different users helps with testing.

What the creator sees as an admin will slightly differ from what an anonymous user will see, so it is good to sometimes step back from your site as the owner and switch into the perspective of a site visitor.


Q: I’ve used the “Switch Off” feature but I can’t see the link to switch back?

Some themes won’t display the link. Instead, go to the login page (/wp-login.php) and you should see the switch back link.

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