Upload and Manage files using File Manager in WordPress

Managing and moving files can be challenging when using an FTP. The File Manager plugin allows managing WordPress files directly from within WordPress. It is great for uploading large files, editing code, downloading and zipping files, and moving files from one location to another.

Getting Started

To get started, download and install File Manager on your WordPress site.

Begin by navigating to Plugins on the dashboard and click Add New. From here, there are two options for installation.

Option 1: Search for File Manager. Click Install Now and Activate.

WP File manager

Option 2: Go to the plugin page, download the zip file, and upload it into the designated section under Upload Plugin.

*Check if the plugin was successfully installed and activated under Installed Plugins.

How to Access Files

From the left sidebar, select WP File Manager to open it.

The User Interface will open with all the files. You can change the theme and language of the interface as well as search for specific files with the search bar.

Adding Files

Uploading Existing Files

The best place for uploading large files to the site is under wp-content > uploads.

1. Click into the folder where you wish to upload. Drag and drop the files.
2. Click the Upload files icon at the top.

3. Right-click into the folder and select Upload files.

Creating New Files

1. Click New file at the top.

2. Right-click into the folder and select New file. You will be presented with a TXT, CSS, and HTML file option.

Adding Folders

Similar to the steps for creating files, either click the New folder icon at the top or right-click and select New folder.

Editing Files

1. Click Edit file at the top.

2. Right-click and select Code Editor

Remember to Save and Close when making changes.

Plugin Settings

Settings are restricted for the paid version. (Navigate to WP File Manager> Settings).


A few changes can be made from WP File Manager > Preferences.


The File Manager plugin is an excellent resource for managing files all within your WordPress site without bothering with FTPs. It displays the permissions and size of the files within an easy-to-use interface. The free version of the plugin will allow essential management of uploading, creating, deleting, downloading, editing, and moving files between locations.

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