Using Taxonomy Tooltip Module In Drupal 7

The Taxonomy tooltip module allows content creators to add taxonomy terms into content. When a user hovers over a term, the term description is displayed as a tooltip. The module is great for websites if your content requires a lot of keywords. All you have to do is define terms with descriptions for any vocabulary, and Taxonomy tooltip does the rest. For the tooltips, the module uses a jQuery plugin called Tooltip.

In this tutorial, we’ll configure the Tags vocabulary as keywords within the content.

Getting Started

The Taxonomy tooltip module requires the Libraries API module and the jQuery Tooltip plugin.

Install Modules and Plugin

1. Download and install the Taxonomy tooltip and Libraries API modules.

2. Download the jQuery Tooltip plugin and extract it into the libraries directory. Once you have extracted the plugin the path should be sites/all/libraries/jquery-tooltip.

Configure Taxonomy Tooltip

The module adds tooltips to content using a filter. All we need to do is configure the filter and add some terms, and we are done. First, we’ll need to create a vocabulary.

Create Tags Vocabulary

1. Go to Structure -> Taxonomy (admin/structure/taxonomy) and create a vocabulary called Tags.

If you have installed Drupal using the standard installation profile, then you should have the Tags vocabulary already setup.

2. Click on the “add terms” link and add some terms with descriptions.

Configure Filter

The next piece of work we need to do is configure the filter.

1. Go to Configuration -> “Text formats” (admin/config/content/formats) and click on the configure link for the “Filter HTML”.

2. Check the “Taxonomy tooltip” checkbox and move the filter to the bottom of the processing order list, scroll to the bottom and click on “Save configuration”.

Fig 1.0

Enable Vocabulary

Finally, we need to enable the tooltip for the Tags vocabulary.

1. Go to Configuration -> “Taxonomy tooltip” (admin/config/content/taxonomy-tooltip).

2. Check the Tags vocabulary and click on the “Save configuration” button.

Fig 1.1

Test Tooltips

Now go ahead and create a piece of content to see the tooltips in action.

Fig 1.2

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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  1. jQuery Tooltip Plugin seems unavailable for download. Can you please suggest an alternate solution? I have tried a couple but no solution integrates with taxonomy tooltip module.

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