Webinar: How to Build Custom Search Pages in Drupal 8

The definition of “what a search page is” varies from project to project. Some clients are happy with the core Search module, others want a full blown search engine.

Drupal offers a wide range of options when it comes to building custom search pages. You can create a basic search page using the core Search module or if you’re looking for something advanced you could use Search API.

In the recorded webinar I cover the following:

  • Search in Drupal 7 (1:24)
  • What’s new in Drupal 8 (8:37)
  • Create Search Page using Core Search (15:24)
  • Create Search Page using Views (19:20)
  • How to Modify Search Results (22:34)
  • Introduction to Search API (25:28)
  • How to Create Facets (38:20)

Modules Mentioned in Webinar

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Ivan Zugec

About Ivan Zugec

Ivan is the founder of WebWash and spends most of his time consulting and writing about Drupal. He's been working with Drupal for 12 years and has successfully completed several large Drupal projects in Australia.

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