Introducing Premium Subscriptions on Web Wash

UPDATE: The premium subscription has been replaced by WebWash Courses.

In the last seven months since starting Web Wash, I’ve learnt a lot about how users like to learn. Some users prefer to read tutorials, as written tutorials allow you to jump to different sections and it’s easier to search text. Others prefer to watch videos instead because it helps you understand what’s happening around the screen.

I’ve also enjoyed helping out people who are just getting started with Drupal, via comments on this site. Sometimes when you’re stuck, it’s very helpful if you can ask someone for help.-

To take Web Wash to the next level I’ve decided to start offering premium subscriptions.

So what does a premium subscription offer:

  • You’ll get access to our support forum where you can ask questions and get help.

  • As of today there are 41 (now 46) videos available with many more to come. I’ve started converting all previous tutorials and articles into video. All future written tutorials will get an accompanying premium video. This means if you have a subscription you can watch a video instead of reading an article.

This combination of video tutorials and support forum will really help people learn Drupal quicker.

If you want to learn more go and check out the subscriptions page.

I’m also offering a coupon code valid to the 19th of August 2013. Just enter in LAUNCH during the checkout and you’ll save 40% off the total price.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment.

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