Using Auto Product Display Module with Drupal Commerce

If you have spent any time with Drupal Commerce, then you’re aware of the separation between a product and a product display. The product entity is used for the price, title and SKU, whereas the product display is used to display the product on the front-end.

On most Commerce websites, you have to enter in a product two times. First, you have to create the product entity, and then create the product display. I personally love the separation between the product and product display, because of this Commerce can be used as a proper eCommerce framework.

If you want to save time when entering in products, then you should look at the Auto Product Display module for Commerce.

Getting Started

Download and install the Auto Product Display module and make sure you have a basic setup of Commerce.

Please note, there is a compatibility issue between this module and Commerce Kickstart.

Using Auto Product Display

The module can be configured by going to Store -> Configure and clicking on “Auto product display” (admin/commerce/config/auto-product-display). Content types will only display in the Product drop-down if they have a “Product Reference” field.

Fig 1.0

1. Go to Store -> Products and click on “Add a product” (admin/commerce/products/add/product).

2. Check the “Create product display” checkbox and the product display fields should appear below the checkbox.

Fig 1.1

There is one possible issue with this module in that you can’t specify a separate title for the product and product display. If you manually change the product display title for SEO reasons, and you edit the product, then the product display title will be overridden.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “Using Auto Product Display Module with Drupal Commerce”

  1. Hello Sir, thanks for the info, I can’t find the very first step..
    admin/commerce/config/auto-product-display doesn’t exist, however i tried to create a new Product, I find the “Create product display” checkbox but when I check it, I dont have the product display form shown to me…
    HELP please, thanks
    Tarek 🙂

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