Using Views Infinite Scroll In Drupal 7

The Views Infinite Scroll module allows you to convert a standard views pager into an infinite scroll. A standard pager for views consists of a previous and next link. This module allows users to paginate through content by simply scrolling to the bottom of the page.

In this video we’ll cover the following:

  • How to install Views Infinite Scroll and autopager jQuery plugin
  • How to configure an infinite scroll on a views listing

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

16 thoughts on “Using Views Infinite Scroll In Drupal 7”

  1. John Mark Maina

    Hi there. I love this idea and I have a few projects I shall implement this on. Could you please point me to a suitable drupal 7 text scroller?

      1. John Mark Maina

        I’m looking for a vertical text scroller that can be placed on the sidebar of a drupal page. There is some information I’d like to scroll upwards with the effect of marquee tag in html e.g as the some text

        If it can be a module the better for me. I hope I’m clearer now.. 🙂

  2. I want to run infinite scroll on my block which has 4 tabs. is this possible that this pager will run on all those tabs or will it run only on 1 tab. It shows error that it can not handle pager for more than once on single page. please suggest any alternate which suites my requriment.

  3. Rajavasanthan

    Hi i have installed infinite scroll and it works fine. I am using table view to display the results. i want to style the view in my own way. views suggested me to have the file name has views-view–[viewname].tpl.php.

    i added this file into my template folder and removed the table tag and replaced with div’s but infinite scroll is not working when i do that..

    i want to style the views only with div not table and i need to have infinite scroll.. is there any way to do this..

    thanks in advance..

    1. The infinite scroll is probably breaking because when you override the tpl.php file you’re removing essential tags. Remember the scrolling is powered by JavaScript, if you’ve removed some important tags then the JavaScript will not work. If you want to make changes in the template, then make sure you test the view as you’re making changes.

      Also, if you want to use DIVs instead of a TABLE tag, then just change the format to “Unformatted list” in views.

  4. The module configured as you explained seems to not work anymore… I get stuck on the ‘loading’ animated gif…

    Please help me.

    1. Hi Pim,

      You’ll need to debug this further.

      – Any JavaScript errors
      – Any PHP errors
      – Search the module issue queue to see if others have the same problem
      – Enable the default Bartik theme and test it
      – Try setting up the module in a fresh Drupal install, it could be conflicting with other modules


      1. Hi Ivan,

        I managed to fix the issue. Some documentation on this module needs an update.
        – Using Views 3.x it is important to enable the usage of AJAX
        – In the custom views-view.tpl.php it is important to keep the first with the $classes variable as this is used as selector.

        Cheers & thanks for your quick response!


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